Oddly Enough

Looking for lead soldiers, I noticed that there are some specialty miniatures that accommodate the more esoteric of tastes, including these from The History Store.


Not that there is a benefit to having Himmler and Heydrich be in lead form so that you could melt them at will, but they are small enough to crush under foot if required.

In the book North Star, they both appear–charming at times–but with their deadly claws bared as the story unfolds.

North Star – a Novel by Karin Brising

staatsop1During the Second World War, Sophia Ericksson, a rising young soprano from neutral Sweden, is swept up into a wartime intrigue to match the most intricate plot of any opera in which she’d sung in her career. During an engagement at the Berlin Opera in 1941, she is admired by society cognoscenti and desired by more than one of the Nazi superiors in attendance. Surviving a brutal attack and then suddenly caught in a power play between the highest ranks in the Third Reich, she faces both romantic adventure and heart-stopping tension to return home and save the man she loves from the increasingly desperate Nazi war-machine. Buy your copy online today, in print or Kindle.


North Star

Cover-with-rocksAnnouncing the publication of a historical romance with a dash of opera and WWII for a non-stop, heart-pounding story. NORTH STAR, the epic tale encompasses a career on the stage, an assault by brutal forces, and the redemption of love, surrounded by the disintegrating Nazi war-machine.

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$17.00 paper, $7.00 eBook.