Kai and Sophia are trying to have Christmas while unable to leave the experimental camp into which they have been placed. While the early part of the festivities go reasonably well, things fall apart quickly.

Kai swallowed hard and said, “Sophia, you will get home. We will all get home. We will. Everything is in place, but it’s winter! What would be the point of getting out of this place safely only to drown in an icy sea?”

“I’d prefer that,” she said.

He walked over to her. “Don’t say that. Don’t say that!” he repeated. “I will keep my promise to you.”

“You’re a liar and a damn SS Nazi, just like all the rest!” Suddenly, she slapped him, hard, and immediately regretted it. She backed away from him as she saw sudden tears gleam in his eyes.

His voice shaking, he said, “Sophia. Remember me? I’m not like them.”

“I don’t remember you. In that ugly uniform with swastikas and skulls all over it, you are not my Kai! I remember my Kai.”


Mobetz, a Gauleiter from Munich, has abducted Sophia; when Brandenburg catches up with him, he gives him no quarter.

Say it. Say ‘I’m a stinking pig.’ ” Mobetz swallowed. The roll of fat under his chin trembled. “Say it!” Brandenburg punctuated his order by putting his pistol under Mobetz’ nose…

Brandenburg moved the gun slowly down Mobetz’ body, and put it against his navel.

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